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Choosing between a pest free home and a chemical free home shouldn't be a choice you have to make. Our all natural pest control plans provide comfort, peace of mind, environmental safety and most importantly - results. With a customized plan for your home and its surrounding environment, we can effectively use natural products to keep nature where it belongs -outside.

Our natural products use professional grade ingredients such as selectively concentrated plan tissue and cedar oil to make your home or  yard inhospitable to pests. These products are able to be applied at higher pressure levels and concentrations than a pesticide due to the face that they are not harmful to children or pests. These two factors allow natural products to provide comparable results when put up against our traditional pest control plans. 

With over 28 years at our main office in Dobbs Ferry, New York, we use this experience to figure out what methods will work for your home and how to implement them. Mosquitoes, ticks, carpenter ants and other pests can all be an afterthought this summer. You and your family will enjoy a pest free environment without the worry of chemicals getting in the way. Call us today for a consultation! 

Keeping Your Home Pest-Free and Your Family Safe for over 20 Years

Get the Best Extermination Services in Westchester and Rockland Counties

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