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In the spring, summer, and fall months of the year our yards and outdoor living spaces are a cherished space to enjoy time with our friends, families, and pets. While other pest concerns can be present as well, ticks are an especially dangerous and unnoticeable threat. As deer continue to be overpopulated in our area, ticks can constantly be transmitted by a seemingly harmless passing deer. Capable of transmitting Lyme and other diseases, ticks can latch onto fabric you are wearing, or even your family pet. Once latched on, they can feed on their host or transfer to other surfaces.

Instead of treating large outdoor areas for ticks with potentials harmful chemicals or tearing up parts of your lawn to install traps, we exclusively use professional grade natural products to coat your lawn and outdoor living space all season long. When treated on a regular basis these products will effectively kill and repel ticks which may try to make a home in your yard.


While a season long treatment plan is recommended for complete control, a one time spray is a perfect preparation for an outdoor party, BBQ, or long weekend.

Keeping Your Home Pest-Free and Your Family Safe for over 20 Years

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