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Rodents such as roof rats, Norway rats, field, mice, tree mice, and moles have flourishing populations all throughout our area.

Regardless of a structure’s age or condition, an dime sized entry point can sometimes be all it takes. Throughout the years we have witnessed homeowners endlessly try to seal any visible opening around the house only to be disappointed time and time again. Rodents are extremely resourceful and if your home suits their needs they will most likely be able to physically find a way in one way or another.

From fluctuating temperatures, land excavation, food composting, or construction, a long list of environmental factors around your home can contribute to the growth of a rodent population. Certain landscaping or sanitation practices can be brought to your attention by one of our skilled technicians, but others may be out of your control.


Despite their resiliency, rodents can ultimately be kept our of your home over a long term basis. An exterior bait station system secures rodenticide bait in tamper resistant lockable stations designed to divert rodents into the stations and away from your home. With regular checks, these stations can be maintained discreetly and efficiently without having to treat the inside of your home.

Keeping Your Home Pest-Free and Your Family Safe for over 20 Years

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