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Mosquitoes are some of the most problematic pests on a global scale. They feed on human and animal blood as well as plant juices. While in certain parts of the world they are a year-round public health concern, in our area they are active from April - October. Other than Zika virus and West Nile virus, mosquitoes can transmit germs and other unknown diseases from animals.

When adult mosquitoes are active, they look to lay their eggs in slow moving or standing water. Over time breeding sites such as these can appear outside your home or business without being overly noticeable. A clogged gutter or an unused tire are perfect breeding sites for mosquitoes which can pop up under the radar. An unused pool or pool cover are more noticeable examples of breeding sites which can turn your yard into an attractive home for mosquitoes.

While Having a mosquito infested yard can be an issue, applying gallons of pyrethrin based pesticides to your yard may turn into a possible health issue of its own. Our mosquito treatment plan exclusively uses all-natural products with professional grade ingredients such as selectively concentrated plant tissue. In addition to this, removing standing water and taking topographical factors into play help us create a truly custom plan for your home or business.

While a season long treatment plan is recommended for complete control, a one time spray is a perfect preparation for an outdoor party, BBQ, or long weekend.

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