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Cockroach species such as the American or German cockroach can truly turn your life upside down. While they may not attack your home from its exterior environment, they can be brought in through deliveries or stored items and slowly makes themselves at home in your cabinets, walls, ceilings, or even furniture. Over time roaches can multiply exponentially and be visible running throughout your home at all hours of the day and night.

Experiencing a cockroach issue is nothing to be embarrassed about, and does not always mean your home is dirty or unsanitary in any way. In apartment buildings and multi-family homes, a roach infestation in a neighboring unit can quickly and easily make its way into your home. While neighboring apartments may be out of your control, making sure your home is cockroach free is the first step to a long term pest free environment.

Our experienced and highly trained technicians will take the time to go through any possible roach harborage sites throughout your home and point out any sanitary or cleaning practices which may have contributed to infestation. After the initial treatment is preformed a follow up treatment will be scheduled. Roaches have been one of the most resilient species on earth for a long time and just because they may no longer be visible does not mean they are not still living in your home in low numbers. Once the final treatment and assessment is preformed and your problem has been solved, regular checkups are usually recommended especially if your home or apartment building have a history of roaches.

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